August 10, 2020

4 Things to Consider Before Choosing An SEO Company

In a competitive digital landscape, it’s almost impossible to achieve desired website traffic and conversions without effective search engine optimization. Unfortunately, while SEO can drive impressive results, the optimization process is notoriously effort-intensive.

Many business owners lack the time and expertise needed to tackle the complications of SEO on their own. The right agency, however, can take over, providing the guidance and feedback needed to ensure that every digital marketing dollar is used effectively. While a variety of SEO companies provide valuable services, not all are capable of delivering an equally impressive ROI. The wrong agency could compromise digital efforts while wasting limited resources.

Before you proceed, vet your options thoroughly to determine which company holds the expertise, approach, and general philosophy that matches your expectations.

Not sure where to start? There’s a lot to take into account. Keep the following considerations in mind while choosing an SEO company:

Develop Clear Goals and Metrics

What do you hope to achieve while working with an SEO company? SEO is a far broader and more versatile endeavor than you can possibly imagine—and some companies are simply better suited to handling specific elements of optimization.

Once you’ve outlined your goals for your website, you can select the company most likely to make these ambitions a reality. Don’t forget to establish metrics to help you determine whether you’re on track. Your SEO company should be eager to help you reach these benchmarks.

Look For Case Studies or Portfolios

SEO companies can make all kinds of claims, but many struggle to back these up with concrete examples of their expertise. Proof of experience is best seen in case studies or portfolios, which should highlight examples involving businesses within your industry or area of expertise.

Would you be satisfied with a final product similar to the examples contained within a particular agency’s portfolio? If not, it’s worth your while to look elsewhere.

Don’t Forget Reviews and Referrals

The team members at your SEO company may think highly of themselves, but do their clients agree with this assessment? Reviews provide alternative perspectives worth taking into account. Look to glowing reviews to determine where prospective SEO agencies excel—and neutral or negative assessments to pinpoint areas of concern. Referrals can also prove helpful but should be taken with a grain of salt, as some companies go out of their way to obtain positive feedback.

Consider the Company’s Other Services

SEO does not exist within a vacuum. A variety of factors influence how websites rank on search engines, including everything from keyword selection to social media and even mobile-friendly design. Ideally, your preferred SEO company will possess enough experience in these areas to address the many elements that impact your site’s search engine performance. Breadth of knowledge and experience are crucial, as optimization solutions are rarely simple.

On the hunt for an SEO company with a strong portfolio and track record? Our team at Alt Creative can help you achieve your website design and search optimization goals. Contact us today to learn more about our services—or to get started with a website audit.