August 14, 2019

7 Content Marketing Tools You Need to Try Now

While effective content marketing demands both a solid strategy and a talented team, credit must also go to the right tools. Content marketing technology is growing every year and can streamline productivity, increase efficiency, and boost lead generation. Here are 7 content marketing tools to add to your content marketing strategy today.  

1. HubSpot 

HubSpot offers multiple content marketing tools many of which are free including:

  • An impressive form builder
  • Live chat and chatbots
  • Popup tools
  • A WordPress marketing plugin

In addition, HubSpot has a compelling CMS solution and the industry’s most robust marketing automation platform. 

Pricing: Starts at $50 USD/month.

2. Google Docs

Google Docs is where the content creation work gets done. It’s free, easy to use, and packed with functionality. 

To begin with, marketers use Google Docs to draft their content. Articles, web copy and blog posts alike are all created using Google Docs. Additionally, because of the tool’s functionality and ease of use, marketers are also able to collaborate with colleagues and even clients. 

In some cases, you can upload Google Docs directly to your CMS. HubSpot does this by default. WordPress has plugins such as Wordable

Pricing: Free.

3. Canva

Content marketers need graphics and images to bolster their content. While stock images are often used for blog posts and other content, there is a place for creating your own imagery for things like social media posts, infographics, and newsletters.

Canva is a great option. It is designed for the layperson and allows you to create beautiful professional-looking graphics. Since many content marketers are not also graphic designers, they need an easy-to-use yet highly functional tool. They can find this in Canva, an accessible drag-and-drop graphic design tool that allows access to graphics, fonts, vector images, and photographs. You can use Canva to create for both web and print media. It is a great all-purpose tool for creating a variety of content marketing imagery including Facebook ads, logos, and social media images.

Pricing: Free/Premium from $12.50 USD/Month.

4. Buzzsumo

Buzzsumo is a great general content marketing research tool that allows you to evaluate what content performs best for any topic or competitor. Gain insight into your content strategy with helpful metrics on keywords, backlinks, and social shares. Find industry influencers to help market your content. 

Buzzsumo also has useful alerts and competitor tracking. Be the first company to see any content that uses your keyword. You can also search keywords and see a list of related top-performing content and get alerts when a competitor posts content. Competitor tracking analysis allows you to follow a competitor’s content performance and compare it to your own. 

Pricing: Starts at $99 USD/month.

5. Evernote

Evernote is an easy way to capture, organize and share notes, ideas, projects, and to-do lists. The basic plan is free. Your ideas are always with you (rather than on a notepad on your desk) and always in sync. With Evernote, you are able to clip web images, web pages, and .pdf files. You can access your notes while offline, sync notes across devices, add annotations to images and search for text and images. You can stay organized with all of your content marketing ideas, projects, and lists in one place. Evernote is great for both brainstorming and planning. 

Pricing: Free/Premium from $7.99 USD/Month.

6. Trello

Trello is a hands-on project management tool that can serve a variety of purposes. Your content marketing program will go off without a hitch using this organization and productivity tool to schedule content creation, posting and sharing. Trello provides a communication hub for team members to share information and maintain consistency. 

Trello is great for use as an editorial calendar, particularly if you are working with multiple staff or guest writers.  You can also use it for product feature roadmaps, sales pipelines, and growth experiments. Give it a try. 

Pricing: Free/Premium from $9.99 USD/Month

7. ClickFunnels

Clickfunnels allows you to build online sales funnels that help businesses market, sell and deliver their products online. By providing users with pre-built funnel options for specific businesses, products, and services, ClickFunnels simplifies the marketing, sales and delivery process. 

ClickFunnels is drag-and-drop so you can create funnels that convert in minutes. There are a variety of no-fail templates to choose from. Features include:

  • Email integrations
  • Sales funnels
  • Membership funnels
  • A/B testing
  • Webinar funnels
  • Optin funnels

ClickFunnels has a user-friendly interface and easily integrates animation, clocks, video and other elements. You will easily create funnels that convert in no time with this valuable tool.

Pricing: Starts at $97 USD/Month.


These seven content marketing tools are great examples of what you can use to boost your content marketing strategy. Whether you incorporate all or only one of these, we know you will see results. Have questions about these tools or other marketing technology? Contact us, we’re here to help.