October 16, 2017

Looking for Blog Post Ideas?

When you are writing blog posts for your business, you want the content to be useful, thought-provoking, genuine, engaging, relevant, and valuable, all while promoting your company. Even though you are attempting to convey so many traits and concepts to your audience, it’s not uncommon to find yourself at a loss for blog post ideas. Don’t let writer’s block stand in the way of your content marketing efforts. Instead, find some inspiration with this list of ideas for blog posts.

List Posts

There are so many comprehensive lists that your audience will find helpful and worthwhile. These include:

  • Best-of lists: These can cover resources, experts, tools, websites, books, and so on. The sky’s the limit here!
  • Questions: Not only FAQs but SAQs (Should Ask Questions). List these out and provide answers that your audience can easily use in real-world scenarios.
  • Checklists: What processes relate to your business that requires a thorough checklist to complete properly? Create those so your readers can quickly reference them when the task is at hand.
  • Link roundups: This can be a weekly or monthly post that lists all of the best links related to your business, industry, or other matters your audience will want to learn more about. Links can be to news stories, infographics, other blog posts, editorials, etc.
  • Stats: A list of stats pertaining to topics relevant to your business perform really well because people are always looking for numbers to back up their assertions.

A list post can be used for such a wide variety of subjects so really let your imagination run wild as you brainstorm ideas for your blog. Don’t forget to ask your staff for their list blog post ideas. You never know what gem is out there waiting to be uncovered.

Informative Posts

Providing your readers with information that they can’t get elsewhere makes your blog an invaluable resource. Informative posts you should regularly publish are:

  • News: Most news outlets will break major stories before you have the opportunity to do so but that doesn’t mean you can’t provide a unique perspective on the story that highlights some insight into your industry.
  • How-Tos: Detail how to execute a specific project. This makes outstanding evergreen content that readers can refer back to again and again. Your readers will really love it if you can provide images and videos that illustrate the steps to make it as easy as possible for them.
  • In-depth research: This is a blog post that includes your own unique research and data, information no one else has gathered. If your information is accurate, others in your industry will take notice of your blog and use you as a resource.
  • Definition: If you work in a niche industry with lots of specific terminologies, provide blog posts that define these words and phrases.
  • Guide: Help readers navigate a tricky topic with your insider knowledge and exclusive tips.
  • Problem/Solution: You know the problems your readers face so use this post to define an issue and outline solution options.
  • Disprove myths: Every industry is plagued with misconceptions. Address these head-on with posts that provide the information needed to put these false myths to rest once and for all.
  • Interview: Share a conversation with a subject matter expert in your field. Post the questions and answers as both text and video so readers can choose how they want to experience the interview.

Engaging Posts

These blog posts are your opportunity to show your human side, rather than highlight the knowledge and expertise of your business. It will encourage readers to engage with your brand while also building an ongoing relationship with it. Engaging blog post ideas include:

  • Quotes: Another kind of list post, curate some of your favorite posts that focus on a single topic, whether it’s business related or simply inspirational.
  • Story: Share a story about something that happened to you or someone in your company that has a relevant lesson that your readers can learn from and will appreciate.
  • Holiday: A simple seasonal message from your company for a holiday really builds a personal relationship with your readers. Special bonus if you include small tidbits about how you and your staff are celebrating the holiday such as photos from the Halloween costume contest or a story from the company holiday party.
  • Behind the scenes: Give your audience a glimpse into the inner workings of your business. Include funny videos and images to really hook in your readers’ attention.
  • Inspirational/Profile: Focus on someone in your company or a person in your industry who has overcome tremendous odds to accomplish something wonderful. This will leave your readers with a good feeling that inspires them in their everyday lives.
  • Ask questions: Create posts that directly ask your audience for their responses. Make the question relevant to your business but get people talking on your blog and see where it takes you.
  • Critique: It can be a product, event, service, or anything that you can objectively critique while providing unique insight into your company or field.

Promotional Posts

Ultimately, your blog exists to market your business. So use this platform to share the good work you do, with posts such as:

  • Project showcase: When you’ve successfully executed a project, share the details of it with your audience.
  • Income report: Provide a transparent look into your company’s finances so people can understand revenue streams, expenses, and so on.
  • Product/service tips: Explain to readers how they can make the most out of the product and/or service they purchase from you.
  • Company updates: Awards, formal recognition, promotions, and so on are great news that people want to read about.
  • Product/service updates: If your offerings change in any way, publish a blog post that details the improved product and/or service.

Inspired by all of these great blog post ideas but you need a place to start publishing? Contact Proactive WP now to talk about building your business a blog.