Thanks for being a Proactive WP customer!

In order to get you all setup on your new maintenance plan, we need a few items. Once we have these, you will begin to receive your monthly reports and you can start sending us website change requests to  immediately.

Hosting & Domain Information

The hosting login is where you are setup for website hosting such as GoDaddy, HostMonster, DreamHost, HostGator, Liquid Web or somewhere similar. We’ll need your main account login. If you are planning on having us help you move hosts or make changes to your domain, we will need the login to where your domain was registered also.

WordPress Admin Area Login

This login is necessary for us to administer your WordPress site. It’s usually used on the /wp-login.php page.

Access to your Google Analytics

1. Log In To Your Google Analytics

In order to Login to your Google Analytic accounts you will need to visit You will then need to click on “Sign In” and then hit the “Google Analytics” button on the top right of the web page.

2. Select The Appropriate Account

On the main accounts page, you will see all of the websites you have Google Analytic access to. Click on “All Website Data” the website you wish to grant access to.

3. Click on the Admin Button

Within the Google Analytics specific account page. Hit the Admin button on the top navigation

4. Select User Management with the Admin Panel

Next you will see three columns, within the first column you will find “User Management”. User Management should the second item in the first column. Click on User Management

5. Add a New User through the User Management Page

The Final step is to add the new users email address, which for our purposes is Once you have typed in the appropriate email address, you’ll be able to choose the level of authority for the new user.  On the right side,  you will see the permission level. This lets you select user permissions, four permissions are available that you apply singly or in combination. Choose Edit as the permission.

Access to your Social Networks

Adding us as an Admin on Facebook:
  1. Click Settings at the top of your Page.
  2. Click Page Roles in the left column.
  3. Begin typing my name (Lindsey Tyner) and select me from the list that appears. You may need to accept me as a friend if it does not show up.
  4. Click Editor to select a role from the dropdown menu.
  5. Click Save and enter your password to confirm.
Giving Access to LinkedIn and/or Twitter:

Currently, the only way to give access to these networks is to send us the username and password on the account.


How to Send Us Passwords & Requests:


If you’re sensitive about sending passwords, etc to us via email, you can send it to us by submitting a support ticket through our secure helpdesk at Please note, you may need to register for an account if you have never emailed us previously at


Email any website updates, questions, etc to or submit them through our helpdesk portal (