June 16, 2017

The Value of Facebook Marketing

A little over a decade ago, a very small segment of the world’s population used Facebook regularly. How quickly things have changed! As of March 2017, Facebook has 1.94 billion monthly active users, which is an 18 percent increase year over year. Every day, 1.28 billion users log in to the social media site to peruse posts, pictures, and videos. The platform takes up 22 percent of the Internet time Americans spend on mobile devices, compared with only 11 percent on Google search and YouTube combined.

There’s no question that Facebook is an integrated component of millions of people’s lives. While 49 percent of Facebook users like brand’s pages, another 40 percent don’t. This means that these users are not seeing posts and updates from businesses like yours. The only way to reach them is with Facebook marketing.

Facebook users comprise every demographic a brand could want to connect with, and companies who are failing to do are missing out. Every business has specific goals, and with Facebook marketing, it’s easier than ever to:  

  • Build your online presence,
  • Create brand awareness,
  • Drive brand discovery,
  • Generate leads,
  • Boost sales, and
  • Earn loyalty.

One of the reasons Facebook marketing is so successful is how well it works across verticals. From financial services to restaurants and entertainment, businesses small and large alike can target specific audiences. Whether you want to re-engage existing clients or drive new business, marketing with Facebook empowers a brand to communicate directly with target audiences.

You can select from a variety of formats with Facebook advertising. Brands can choose from the photo, video, carousel, slideshow, and collection ads. These ads can be placed in Facebook’s news feed or the right column. These ads work across devices, so whether your audience is accessing Facebook on a desktop computer, smartphone, or tablet, your messaging will not be missed.

Facebook Marketing and Beyond

Marketing with Facebook isn’t just limited to the world’s most popular social media channel. The conglomerate has expanded its advertising opportunities for brands.

You may remember that Facebook acquired Instagram a few years ago. This acquisition made it possible for brands to better monetize the user experience on this platform. Data shows that 60 percent of Instagram users learn about new products and services via the photo and video sharing channel. With Instagram advertising, use photos, videos, carousels, and stories to engage your target audience.

Additionally, Audience Network allows businesses to extend their ad campaigns beyond Facebook to connect with potential leads on websites and apps across devices such as computers, mobile devices, and connected TVs. It uses the same Facebook targeting, measurement, and delivery systems to make sure each ad helps you achieve your campaign goals at the most cost-effective price. With the Audience Network, a company can address business goals such as brand awareness, reach, traffic, engagement, app installs, video views, conversions, and product catalog sales.

Facebook Marketing Success Stories

There’s a misconception that Facebook marketing only meets business goals for giant, multinational companies. However, that is simply not the case. Small businesses are experiencing major growth by advertising through Facebook. For example, SpearmintLOVE, an online children’s store, received 14.2 times better return on ad spend with Facebook marketing. With Audience Network, SpearmintLOVE saw a 38 times better return on ad spend. Ultimately, a company that was founded by a mommy blogger had 12 times growth for its year-over-year revenue marketing with Facebook.

Using Facebook for marketing doesn’t just bolster digital numbers. Sheetz, a quick-service convenience store chain, increased in-store visits by 43 percent when it used Facebook marketing. The cost to get these Facebook users through the door only cost 6 cents per store visit.

If your business goals include increasing numbers online, Facebook marketing has you covered there, too. Ever, a productivity app increased their click-to-install rate by 15 percent. Using advertising opportunities across Facebook, Instagram, and Audience Network, Ever experienced a 50 percent increase in installations overall. Fortunately for Ever, all of this new business actually cost less than other advertising methods, decreasing subscriber acquisition costs by 50 percent.

Once a website for college students to post party info, Facebook has transformed into a global network of consumers. Today, every demographic imaginable is using this platform to connect and learn. The opportunities for businesses to expand their reach and increase sales are stronger than ever with Facebook marketing. Contact us today to discover how our experienced social media experts can empower your company with Facebook marketing.