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Wordpress has made it easier than ever to create and run a successful website. However, the WordPress platform can still be very technical for the novice site owner, especially when it comes to backups, security, and performance.

Many websites go unattended for months – even years – allowing for outdated content, broken links, and vulnerable plugins to decrease effectiveness and erode credibility with customers. No matter how wonderful your website is, no site is immune to time. Our plans are designed to make sure that the basics are in working order so that your customers always see a professional, user-friendly, working website.

Our plans include:

WordPress Maintenance & Plugin Updates

WordPress makes it easy to update your site version and plugins. However, not every plugin plays nice after you install a new version of the WordPress platform. We have the expertise to know what to update and when and the technical ability to recover your site should something go wrong during the update process.

Labor Hours for Update Requests

It’s easier than ever to update a website, but why do it yourself? Let us take care of the tedious updates and small fixes so you don’t have to. Most of our plans come with labor hours so that you can send us your updates and get them off your plate.

Automated Weekly Backups

Whether your site has been compromised or an update has gone south, being able to restore  your site from a backup is key to minimizing downtime. We back up your site weekly on Amazon S3, the most reliable and secure storage on the web.

Hardened Security & Daily Site Security Checks

Nothing scares away site traffic like a malware warning. Hackers are finding new vulnerabilities daily so it’s necessary to monitor your site’s security. We do daily security checks and set systems in place to be alerted when a possible incident has occurred.

Link Checking & Form Testing

Outdated content, broken links, and non-working forms decrease trust with potential customers. We search your site monthly for these issues, make fixes where necessary, and alert you when issues need your attention.

Insightful Analytics Reporting

Web analytics enable you to discover a wealth of knowledge about your potential customers. It also gives you the ability to measure and improve on your site performance. We send you a monthly report of your site traffic, SEO rankings, social media reach, site performance and more.

Expert Performance Recommendations

Each month, we analyze your site analytics to make performance recommendations where necessary. We’re experts in our industry so we also make recommendations based on where the industry is going and pass those along to you as well.

Site Uptime & Downtime Monitoring

It doesn’t matter how well-maintained your site is if people can’t get to it. We monitor your site uptime & downtime and alert you to any major outages regardless of where you host your site.

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