December 8, 2017

Key Web Design Trends in 2018

Web design evolves to appeal to the moving target that is users’ tastes, interests, and needs. To successfully engage target audiences, organizations must tap into web design trends to create sites that inspire action and generate leads. Look ahead to the new year to see what key web design trends will impact your site in 2018.

Unique Imagery

A picture says a thousand words which is why the imagery you use on your site communicates more than your copy ever could. Trends in web design indicate that the following characteristics are extremely appealing to site visitors:

  • Bright colors: Pantone has named Ultra Violet as the Color of the Year for 2018. Choosing this rich purple hue demonstrates how impactful bright colors are on people. Skip the pastels and pick the livelier colors for your website.
  • Bold typography: Pack a punch with the words on your page using bold typography. Font selection makes a statement so think about the message you are sending with the typography on your site.  
  • Geometric shapes: Clean patterns and shapes create eye-catching designs that yield positive responses from users. Mixing forms makes successful design elements so play around with circles, triangles, squares, and so on to find what’s right for your site.
  • Sketch art: A crafty touch that indicates a certain handmade trait to your business, sketch artwork performs well with users.

  • Photo content: People are taking photos constantly these days. The expectation exists for your website to provide fresh photo content for users regularly. These pictures can be quick pictures you snap with your phone, professional photographs that capture your business, or a combination of the two. All that matters is that your site displays inspiring photos that feel current.  

  • Animation: This trend in web design is everywhere, from animated logos to scroll-triggered animation. Animation attracts and retains visitors’ attention.


Think how easy it is to “like” a post on Facebook. It should be that simple for users to engage with your brand on the site. With micro-interactions, people can submit a review or rate a  product in mere seconds. Micro-interactions are appealing to site visitors because it does not require them to reload pages. Building micro-interactions into your site empowers users to connect with your company more frequently.

Progressive Web Apps

People love using apps, so much so that they account for 89 percent of mobile media time. Programming traditional app behaviors into web page functionality is one of the web design trends that is gaining a lot of attention from designers. Push notifications, animated page transitions, and splash screens are just a few of the app functionalities businesses should build into their sites to appeal to users.

Irregular Grid Layouts

Grid layouts are an integral component of graphic design. However, this classic design theory is evolving, thanks to the introduction of CSS Grid earlier this year. This method gives designers more options so they can experiment with irregular grid layouts and whitespace to create sleek, modern designs. Users also find these web page styles easier on the eyes, making it more enticing to stay on pages longer.   


Early next year, Google will roll out its new Mobile First Index, which rates mobile sites higher than standard ones in search results. It’s not enough for your website to be mobile-friendly. In 2018, organizations should incorporate Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) into their site to improve mobile performance for users. There’s no longer an excuse for having a site that is not friendly so get with the times or start sending leads to your competitors.

With a few weeks left in 2017, it’s time to consider how you are going to update your web design in the new year. Need some professional advice? Contact the experts at Proactive WP today to discuss strategies for incorporating popular web design trends in your site.