March 15, 2022

Our Favorite Web Design + Development Tools for 2022

As web technology progresses, so do the tools we use for design and development. While shifting technologies can present new obstacles, many of these new tools have surfaced to make things easier, faster, and more efficient on the web.

Here are some of the top web tools that we’re using in 2022:


Font Awesome is a popular icon toolkit for designers and developers. With Font Awesome it is easy to include icons into your website with 7,000+ icons to choose from. The icons are CSS-friendly and can be customized in regards to size, color, and type. It’s also possible to add your own icons to Font Awesome so the options are virtually limitless.

Google Fonts

The Google Fonts library has more than a thousand open source and free font families which can be easily integrated into your web design. Google Fonts mission is to make the web more beautiful, fast, and open through great typography.

The robust catalog of fonts and icons, makes it easy to integrate icons and typefaces seamlessly. Google Fonts takes care of the licensing and hosting, so the library is available to everyone.


This color-picking tool makes it easy to generate color palettes for your web design project. One press of the space bar in their color generator app, gives you 5 colors for your color scheme. You can lock the ones you want to keep with a click and then press the spacebar again to refresh colors that weren’t locked. You can also tweak the colors by viewing the shades closest to them. Once you lock in all your colors, you can copy the hex codes or save them as favorites. Coolors is available as both a website and an app. automatically removes the background of any photo in seconds. Backgrounds can be tricky to remove, especially if the background is a similar color as the foreground. delivers perfection every time.

Whimsical Flowcharts

Often it is hard to envision the navigation structure for a website before it exists. But a flowchart can help you understand what pages a site needs and how they will be organized. Whimsical Flowcharts is a free flowchart tool that allows you to create and export flowcharts to easily share with clients and collaborators.