December 19, 2016

Prevent Hackers from Disabling Your WordPress Site

As an entrepreneur, the last thing you need is a crisis, such as some person deciding to hack into and disable your WordPress site. In a matter of minutes, a random hacker could find your site and take it down, leaving your digital presence destroyed. The onus is on small business owners to invest in a secure website and routine maintenance to ensure ongoing security measures are taken. To prevent a WordPress hack on your site, follow these helpful tips.

WordPress Malware Removal

There are a variety of ways malware can inadvertently demolish your WordPress site. For instance, if there’s a virus on your computer, your WordPress password might be getting out there without you even knowing it. has very handy step-by-step instructions that walk you through the process of removing malware from your website so you can prevent a possible WordPress hack by unwelcomed parties. Remember, a data breach doesn’t just affect you and your employees, but also any existing clients and potential leads who also use your site website.

Install Security Plugins

If you do a quick Google search for “Wordpress security plugins” you are going to be overwhelmed by the options available. If you want our expert advice on the best WordPress security plugins, we recommend iThemes, but there are several others that will get the job done as well. These four plugins have demonstrated their reliability should a potential data breach take place. These are comprehensive solutions that are easily configured into your existing WordPress site.

Adhere to Basic Security Practices

From selecting a strong password to regularly backing up your site, there are several important steps to take throughout the life of your WordPress site to protect against any possible data breaches. While some of these recommended steps are basic, such as using something other than “admin” are your username, other ones might require the assistance of WordPress experts. Luckily, we know a few who would be thrilled to help your small business prevent a WordPress hack.

I’ve Already Been Hacked. Now What?

First of all, take a deep, calming breath. Trying to fix this problem when you are (justifiably) worked up will only make the process more frustrating than it needs to be. Your best option to get your WordPress site up and running after being hacked is to restore a backup version of it. Yes, this might mean losing some of your most recent updates or content additions but it’s an effective quick fix that restores your digital presence in a timely manner.

If you find it impossible to sort out the mess of a WordPress hack, contact experts who are trained to specifically handle sticking situations such as this one. While your intentions to fix your site following a hack are admirable, you could inadvertently make the problem worse. Enlisting WordPress professionals to address the matter means a speedy, complete resolution for you.

Whether you’ve restored your WordPress site using a backup version or worked with a professional to do so, you should also take the following steps to prevent a hack from happening again:

  1. Change all of your WordPress passwords.
  2. Update your WordPress version to the latest one, along with all of your WordPress plugins.
  3. Install a security plugin.

A long-term solution to preventing a WordPress hack is hiring a maintenance team to thoroughly check the security of your website daily. You have enough on your plate, so leave the WordPress site security to the trusted professionals at Proactive Maintenance and get back to the business of building your startup.