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We take a proactive approach to your site so that you can grow your site without having to spend large lump sums of money making fixes. Each of our plans come with automated backups, daily security checks, WordPress updates, and robust reports & recommendations.

Monthly Pricing

Each Maintenance Package Includes:

We’ll take care of updating your WordPress version and plugins. We pay close attention to version and plugin updates so we know what and when to update. We also have the expertise to recover your site should something go wrong during the update process.

Let us take care of your content updates and quick fixes so you don’t have to. Most of our plans come with labor hours so that you can send it to us and have it done within 1-2 days.

The ability to restore  your site from a backup is important to reduce downtime. We back up your site weekly on Amazon S3, the most reliable and secure storage on the web.

It is increasingly necessary to monitor your site’s security as new vulnerabilities surface daily. We’ll check your site daily for any potential security issues. We also have systems in place to be alerted when a possible incident has occurred.

Many websites go unattended, allowing for outdated content, broken links, and buggy forms to decrease trust with potential customers. We search your site monthly for these items, make fixes as necessary, and alert you to items that need your attention.

Web analytics help you to understand your potential customers. It also gives you the ability to measure and improve on your site performance. We send you a monthly report of your site traffic, SEO rankings, social media reach, and site performance.

We’ll analyze your site analytics each month to make performance recommendations. We’re experts in our industry so we also make suggestions based on where the industry is going and alert you to those as well.

It doesn’t matter how great your site is if people don’t see it. We’ll monitor your server uptime & downtime and alert you to any major outages.

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