July 27, 2017

How Often are You Performing a Website Backup?

Your website is an important business asset.Unfortunately, you cannot take out an insurance policy on it in case the worst happens. Luckily, a website backup is all the insurance you need to sleep easy at night. When you regularly backup a website, you protect your company from losing a crucial tool for marketing, lead generation, brand awareness, and sales. Learn why a website backup plan is crucial for any business to prevent the high costs of downtime.

Fix a Hack

Hackers do not care that you are a small business owner. They simply target any vulnerable website and wreak as much havoc as possible. In fact, some hackers target small businesses because they usually have less security. It’s hard to say how much business you could lose out on if a hacker takes down your website. However, if you are regularly backing up your website, it becomes easier to deal restore your site after it’s been compromised. 

Break After an Update

Every so often, you’ll have to perform a routine update on your website. These updates aren’t always error-proof, meaning that they could negatively impact your website. A regular website backup gives you peace of mind each and every time you update your site.

Critical Files Deleted Accidentally

Mistakes happen. While not intended maliciously, you or someone on your team might accidentally delete important files from your website. If you aren’t prepared, this misstep will cost you. A regular website backup makes this scenario a minor issue rather than a major business crisis.

Server Failure

Just like human error is to be expected, so is server failure. While not a common occurrence, a server crash can wipe out your website. What could be catastrophic is easily remedied when you have taken the time to regularly backup your site. Remember to make sure your data is being backed up to a different server, otherwise, a server crash could also wipe out your backups.

Broken Backup

If your hard drive crashes, which has been known to happen once or twice, you can lose everything including the backup you made of your site. Not only is it important to perform a regular website backup, you want to store the backup locally and on the cloud. If one does not work, the other is there as a failsafe.

Faster Reaction Time

If something happens to your website and you have a backup, you can act quickly to solve the problem. However, if you haven’t taken the time to backup your site regularly, you will spend lots of time and money getting your website up and running again. Without a website, who knows how many opportunities you’ll miss to generate leads and complete sales.

Your Website Changes Often

They might not be big changes, but over time, your website has evolved from its original state. Some people think that a stored development site from when a website is first built is enough for a backup. However, that development site will not reflect any of the changes made post-launch. New products, blog posts, and so on will be lost without a regular website backup.

Doesn’t My Hosting Company Backup My Website?

Don’t fall victim to the misconception that your hosting company will handle this task. Only you can perform a website backup on a regular basis. Or at least, only you can mandate that your business backs up its website regularly.

Rest Assured

There’s nothing more valuable than peace of mind. Regularly backing up your website lets you rest assured that your business is safe from hackers, broken updates, deleted files, and so on.

Concerned about finding the time to perform regular website backups? Use a website backup service, like the one offered by Proactive Maintenance. We back up your site weekly on Amazon S3, the most reliable and secure storage on the web. Contact us today to learn more about our website backup service and more.