June 30, 2015

Why Updating Your WordPress Site Is Crucial

The WordPress software is constantly being updated to allow for functional improvements and fix issues that could put your site at risk. We update WordPress versions for all of our maintenance customers on a monthly basis because we’ve seen what can happen to outdated WordPress installations.

Why Should I Upgrade WordPress?

It Keeps Your Website Secure.

WordPress is open source software which means the details of each upgrade are available to the public. It’s best to upgrade your WordPress installation as soon as a security fix is released otherwise your insecure version could be the target of an attack.

It Helps Ensure Compatibility with New Plugins.

If you are running an older version of WordPress and install a brand new plugin, it may require the latest version of WordPress to work correctly.

You Get to Use the Newest Features.

WordPress is constantly improving. Each major release offers new and easy ways to create content. By not upgrading, you might be missing out on some important functions have become standard website practices.

What Are the Disadvantages of Upgrading WordPress?

There is always a risk that WordPress will not work correctly after an upgrade. With any open source software, the variety of themes and plugins made by third-party developers increases that risk. When this happens, it is important to have a resource like Alt Creative to help you recover quickly. As a maintenance customer, you can rest assured that we keep up with the major releases to WordPress and the most popular -and stable – plugins.