August 14, 2017

How WordPress and Email Marketing Go Hand In Hand

Email marketing is a great way for small businesses to target interested individuals and boost sales. For organizations with websites built on WordPress, plugins and tools make it easier than ever to continually grow an email marketing list. Unlike other website platforms, WordPress empowers companies to leverage their audience into money-spending customers with plugins, tools, and functionality that integrate flawlessly while meeting business goals. Discover how these WordPress email marketing practices can help you grow your mailing list and ultimately your bottom line.

Support Your Sales Funnel

Has your sales funnel slowed down significantly? Has your list of leads gone stale? Growing your email marketing list can refresh your sales funnel. In fact, data from Experian shows that transactional emails receive eight times more open and clicks than any other type of email and can generate up to six times more revenue. That means you can increase engagement and profits with email marketing.

Your blog, social media presence, and SEO strategies attract new visitors to click through to your website. Once strangers, these visitors peruse landing pages and follow calls-to-action, eventually filling out a form on your site and converting into leads. In most cases, before these leads transition into customers, they must receive some kind of incentive to sweeten the deal. That is where email marketing comes in.

A visitor signs up to receive newsletters from your organization on your website, thus becoming a lead. Thanks to a special offer included in one of your email marketing blasts, this lead decides to finally make a purchase and convert into a paying customer. Through continued and targeted email marketing, this customer becomes a brand promoter, sharing your emails and offers with their network.

This is all possible with WordPress email marketing tools and plugins. Since it is so easy to integrate any kind of email subscription form or email marketing plugin into a WordPress, it’s up to you research and test every available option to find the ones that allow your business to achieve its goals.

Evaluating Types of Email Sign Up Forms

There are a variety of sign up forms that WordPress site administrators can construct to capture addresses for an email marketing list. While you won’t want to use every single one of the following sign up forms on your site, you should test each one to see which yields the best results.

  • Popups: You might be hesitant to use popups on on your WordPress site due to concerns that users find them irritating. However, popups to capture email addresses are the highest converting form you can place on your website.
  • Floating Footer Bar: A subtle method for gathering email addresses, a floating footer bar can be integrated into your site easily. This tool can be placed on every page of your website so you don’t miss an opportunity to add a new a lead to your email marketing list.
  • Sidebar Form: The sidebar email signup form is fairly standard these days which means users expect websites to see it there.
  • Slide-ins: Also known as slide-ups, these popup forms move across the screen before settling in the center. This movement attracts users’ attention and entices them to take action.
  • Contact Forms: There’s at least one place on your website where users can a submit a form to contact you. Add an option to this form that says something along the lines of, “Yes, I want to receive resources and more from ABC, Incorporated.” Think of this as killing two birds with one stone because users can contact you directly with questions or inquiries while also opting into your email marketing list.

Choosing a WordPress Email Marketing Plugin

To create and test the most effective sign up forms, you’ll need to choose a WordPress email marketing plugin. For many, this decision is based on the email marketing service you are already employing. All of the top services offer outstanding email marketing plugins that integrate seamlessly into WordPress sites. Install the corresponding plugin to kick your email listing building efforts into high gear.

There are also WordPress email marketing plugins that are independent of the top email marketing services. For instance, many WordPress users have found the functionality and design of Bloom Email Opt-Ins to be extremely effective. With the Hello Bar plugin for WordPress, not only can you get more email subscribers, but see an increase in social media likes, shares, and follows. Or you can try Sumo, a tool that automates site growth by increasing traffic, increasing email captures, and tracking visitor behavior.

Every small business owner needs a helping hand. Managing a WordPress site and executing a successful email marketing campaigns are two tremendous tasks that require time and expertise. The team at Proactive WP is available to assist your company with everything related to your WordPress site and marketing strategies. Contact us today!