October 26, 2017

Which WordPress Social Media Plugin Should You Use?

Every day, billions of users worldwide are logging into their social accounts to engage with friends and family and learn more about brands. Social media is an invaluable component to your marketing strategy, which means it is incredibly important to maintain your profiles and regularly post content. For busy companies, social media tools that automate that process are worth the investment. Read on to discover the best WordPress social media plugin for your site and start sharing.

Social Warfare

This WordPress social media plugin adds social share buttons to any portion of website or blog. Social Warfare makes it easy to customize your social share buttons to align with your branding. Create high-quality social media content with this plugin, using shareable quotes, custom tweets, Twitter cards, Pinterest images, and so much more. Also with this plugin, add a widget to your blog that displays the most popular posts by the number of social shares its received. Best of all, this plugin automatically adds UTM tracking to every shared link so you can monitor performance via Analytics. Packages range from $29 to $250 per year.


Not only does this WordPress social media plugin allow you to add share buttons throughout your site, they also make it easy to build your following on social channels. Monarch allows you to customize your share buttons and configure all of your display settings. This plugin also makes it easy to add a social follow widget to your site. Additionally, Monarch provides a dashboard to track usage data and other analytics. You can choose to either pay $89 per year or a flat $249 fee for lifetime use.

Sumo Share

Share is a component of Sumo, which is a suite of plugins for WordPress to help build site traffic. With Share, which is free to Sumo customers, use a clickable interface to determine where to place your social share buttons. The greatest aspect of using Share is that it is an integrated part of an overall system. This means you can easily work with other plugins to increase shares, traffic, and your email list. Depending on the Sumo features you require, pricing ranges from free to $119 per month unless your site receives more than 500,000 monthly visits, in which case, you’ll have to contact the company directly for a custom quote.

WordPress to Buffer

A free WordPress social media plugin, send updates to a Buffer account to schedule posts to your social networks. WordPress to Buffer makes it so easy to create social media posts right from your site or blog, so you never forget this important step in the marketing process. Since Buffer is also a free tool (depending on how many social profiles you need to connect), this is an inexpensive way to really get your social media marketing strategy off the ground.


Do more than just social sharing with Jetpack. Another free plugin, Jetpack automatically shares your content on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, LinkedIn, Reddit, and WhatsApp while providing site stats and analytics. You can pay to upgrade this plugin to include SEO tools for Google, Bing, Twitter, Facebook, and WordPress.com and manage advertising programs with AdSense, Facebook Ads, Amazon, Google AdX, and Yahoo.


An all-in-one editorial calendar for content marketing and social scheduling, CoSchedule is the only plugin of its type available for WordPress. With their easy-to-use, drag-and-drop editorial calendar, plan all of your marketing content (blogs, social media posts, etc.) in one place. If your team is a bit disorganized, CoSchedule will help keep everyone on track so you never miss a deadline. Pricing ranges from $40 to $2,200 per month, depending on the features you want to use.

WordPress Social Login

The most compelling reason to use the WordPress Social Login plugin is that it encourages users to engage in a conversation on your site using their already developed social profiles. Site visitors can register, login, and comment using their social media accounts while providing you with modules for user insights, contact management, and usage management. WordPress Social Login is free to download.

Revive Network and Revive Old Post

Offering two very useful WordPress social media plugins, Revive Network and Revive Old Post help achieve very different goals for your marketing strategy. First, Revive Network helps you build your social following by sharing content from other websites specific to your vertical on your company’s social media sites. With Revive Old Post, generate posts for your social accounts using existing content already on your site so you are constantly generating new traffic and increasing clickthrough. Both plugins have a variety of additional features that will help you build an influential social presence. Network costs between $49 to $399 per year and Old Post runs between $75 to $299 annually.

There are so many options available for WordPress social media plugins. If you need some guidance on this decision, connect with Proactive WP today. This team of WordPress experts can help you determine the best plugins that help you achieve your business goals.