February 9, 2018

Why Choose WordPress for Your Business

Every business needs a website but with so many options available, which platform is the best one for performing the tasks of developing, maintaining, and updating a digital presence? In our opinion, the answer is simple: WordPress. Do you know why to choose WordPress over all of the other alternatives? In any given month, WordPress sites receive 126 million unique visitors, 30 million more than Amazon. Furthermore, there are many other reasons why to use WordPress for any organization.   

It’s Multifunctional

Whether you need to build an entire website or simply launch a new blog, WordPress functions in almost every way imaginable. From basic digital storefronts to robust eCommerce and membership sites, WordPress does it all. Businesses, regardless of size, choose WordPress because it can perform a wide variety of functions.

It’s Easy to Use

WordPress runs nearly 30 percent of the websites currently online. The reason almost one-third of the sites on the Internet chose WordPress is because the content management system is so easy to use. Users quickly adapt to the interface because it’s intuitive. In addition to being user-friendly, there are hundreds of free tutorials and guides available online that detail everything from basic post editing to advanced customization. For those who don’t feel comfortable setting up and maintaining a WordPress site on their own, reasonably priced services, such as Proactive Maintenance by Alt Creative, are available that will do the work for you.

It’s Customizable

You already have a vision in mind for your website. Fortunately, WordPress can be customized to meet your needs. You can easily create the site you want by leveraging any of the thousands of plugins and themes available. Best of all, you don’t need to be a computer programmer to customize a WordPress site with your branding. While there is a small learning curve, the tools available on the platform make the process of personalizing your site straightforward for anyone willing to try..

It’s Built for Marketing

Every month, WordPress sites generate over 175 million page views every month. Visitors navigate to sites built on this particular CMS platform because it was built with marketing in mind. Part of running a WordPress site fo your business is incorporating marketing tactics into your overall strategy. Plugins for social media, email, search engine optimization, and content marketing tasks are all available for WordPress sites. These tools make it easy to incorporate effective strategies into the development, operation, and updates to your website.

It’s Mobile-Friendly

The majority of WordPress themes are built to be mobile responsive so visitors can navigate to your site from a desktop, laptop, smartphone, or tablet. You can even access the CSS in your theme to tweak your theme’s responsive behavior helping you ensure your leads and customers always experience the best version of your site.

It’s Secure

One of the most important aspects of any website is whether or not it’s secure. WordPress security and malware removal plugins empower users to create and maintain a secure website from the get-go, especially if they follow best practices for doing so.

It’s Media-Ready

Media plays a crucial role in capturing the attention and holding the interest of your target audience. WordPress allows you to manage documents, files, and media easily. Stream videos and audio. Build stunning photo galleries. Share anything you would like with your visitors on a WordPress website.

It’s Free

For organizations with limited budgets, WordPress is the best choice because there’s no cost to download it. With thousands of free themes and plugins, WordPress makes it cost-effective for small businesses to launch a new website. Once you have a domain and hosting service selected, you can start to build your WordPress site.

It’s Proven to Work

Worldwide usage statistics for WordPress illustrate why organizations worldwide trust the platform.

  • WordPress has 58.55 percent of the content marketing system market share.
  • Of the 172 million active websites online right now, 27 percent, or 75 million, of them operate on WordPress.
  • Of the top 100 websites in the world, WordPress sites account for at least 14 of them including the NBC, CNN, TechCrunch, NFL, and UPS ones. Many other Fortune 500 companies chose WordPress for their websites, too.

Convinced that WordPress is the right choice for your business but not sure where to get started? Contact us today to discuss how to build and maintain a WordPress site for your organization.